Toburn Gold Mine


A Monument to the Mining History of Kirkland Lake

The Toburn Mine Property at the east entrance to Kirkland Lake has a great local historical significance. The Toburn was the first operating mine in the Kirkland Lake camp. The Northern Prospectors Association acquired the property from the Crown and entered into an agreement with the Town to operate the site under the auspices of a volunteer committee known as the Toburn Operating Authority. The site is run as a not-for-profit operation with historical and educational displays that highlight the rich mining history of Kirkland Lake.

There are five buildings on the site: the hoistroom, headframe and compressor room contain displays and form part of the guided and self-guided tours. Two buildings are rented to provide operating capital. The self-guided tour brochure describes the contents of the buildings as well as the history and geology of the mine. Several outdoor displays including mining equipment and large rock specimens have been installed on the grounds. A motion-activated video show describes the history of the mine and the Kirkland Lake area. There is a picnic area on the grounds and a wooded area showcasing some of the local flora and fauna. Guided tours are provided on Sundays during the summer months.

The project is financed by private, corporate and public funding as well as from income from the rental of the garage, dry and part of the compressor house. Renovations and repairs to-date have been financed by a combination of public, private and corporate donations. This site is a work in progress and new attractions are added every year.

Toburn Operating Authority Mission Statement

"The Toburn Operating Authority is dedicated to the preservation of the historic Toburn Mine Site as a community parkland and as a monument to Kirkland Lake's mining history."

The Toburn Operating Authority is a volunteer organization committed to restore, develop and preserve the Toburn Mine Site to commemorate its historic value to the Town of Kirkland Lake. The Organization will administer and maintain it as a multi-use facility that includes recreation, education, tourism and promotion for the Kirkland Lake area.

The property is owned by the Town of Kirkland Lake and is being operated under an Agreement between the Toburn Operating Authority and the Town. The project has been funded to-date by donations from both private and public sources. Additional funding will be derived from the rental of several buildings on the site.

Officers & Members

The Toburn Operating Authority is an Ontario not-for-profit corporation with four officers and several members;

  • Michael Leahy - Chair

  • Michael Sutton - Vice-chair

  • Roger Dufresne - Treasurer

  • Ronald Hillgren - Secretary

  • Richard Dubynski - Member

  • Kelly Gallagher - Town delegate

  • Kate Clarke - Member

  • Rick Owen - Member

  • Dan McCormack - Member


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